Manage up, down and sideways effectively.


What in the world does that even mean? Managing up means that you need to manage your boss (if you have one). Most managers have someone that they have to report to whether that is the CEO or a Board of Directors. (Check out our video blog on how to manage your boss here).

As the boss or manager, you need to manage down and show your employees the best way to approach you, the best way to communicate with you, and when they should involve you in situations.

Now, managing down and sideways can get a little tricky because it takes a lot of delegation. The delegation of tasks to team members is potentially one of the most difficult challenges for managers and bosses. Failing to delegate to your team can negatively affect morale and stunt the growth of your employees. Also, by not delegating, you can become overwhelmed with detailed tasks that keep your focus off of more strategic work. Not good!

To be successful in delegation, you must be able to articulate what exactly needs to be done and who would be successful in bringing the task to completion. The secret of delegation lies in giving your team members “ownership” of the project.

As much as it might pain you, give over the keys and step back. Let your employees take the wheel and show off their talents. But just be available for assistance if things start to crash and burn! (Side note: sometimes as a manager, you need to let your employees fail and learn from their mistakes.)

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